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Book Description

When Raven's family is taken captive by the hordes of the evil lord N'atax, her only desire is to rescue them before they reach the dreaded castle Axtalia. But, as she pursues them through the lands of Arth, aided by her friend Le-thon, she realizes that her true destiny could be far more than she had ever imagined.

Book excerpt

        "Hear now the final words of Estoc and the Prophecy of old that we have nurtured for ages!" Thus the King began, first in his own tongue, and then in the Common Tongue of Arth.
        "Thus spoke Estoc: I go the way of all living beings in the lands of Arth. But this sword I leave in your charge. It is a great weapon, as you have witnessed through the years. None can defeat a true champion, if their heart is pure. So, your island has been kept safe from all who dared to trespass here without your permission. Now, I leave it behind. But, know this! A great warrior will come one day. A valiant warrior greater than I! And that warrior will claim this sword. How, you ask, will you know when this great champion comes? It will be by the test of the teeth of the B'ranhas! Although they will attack ferociously after the Sweet Rain of Death, the B'ranhas will not be able to harm one single hair of this great warrior. By this you will know that the time is at hand, and this prophecy that I leave with you will be fulfilled."

      Interview with the author

1. What did you find most difficult about writing this novel?

Starting and finishing. It took me twelve years!
Growing up in a family of readers, and being the 5th born, I had the pleasure of older brothers and sisters that constantly read to me. I can also remember my mom taking me to the public library every couple of weeks and how mad I was when I could only take out 5 books at a time! That was nothing for me to read in 2 weeks!
I actually started writing in the 6th grade, although back then it was mostly pencil and paper! My older brother taught me how to type on an old manual typewriter and that made it much easier. High school included 4 years of English, 4 years of Journalism, and some advanced classes, including Creative Writing. I actually used a story that I wrote when I was 13 for an assignment in Creative Writing, and was not only given an A+ but the teacher read the story to the class, stating that it was “the best she had seen in a long time”.
After high school I dove into the work force, following my brother into the steel fabrication business, and have been there ever since. The writing beast slept for many years, but finally was awoken with the filming of the trilogy Lord of the Rings. Even then, it took me another 12 years to finish my first book The Legends of Arth: The Summoner. The writing beast is now alive and well, and I am currently working on the next three books in the series.
2. Is there anything you will do differently in book two?

Hopefully the next book will be even better than my first! Here’s how I write:
I use 3rd person, which gives me the options and varieties I need for character development and inner thoughts, scene descriptions, etc. As for the style, I like to call it the Indiana Jones style! One “cliffhanger” after another! If my readers can’t put my book down, then I feel I have done my job well. It is a pleasure when fans tells me they hate my book because they had to keep reading to find out what happens next or how do they get out of that situation. Of course, they then ask “when are you going to get the next book done?”!
I am a planner, and like to have a complete layout from beginning to end. This includes all the events, characters, timelines, maps, etc. I do a chapter by chapter outline so that each one leads into the next.
But, I am a pantser! I find that every character and action has to be fluid and not written in stone, so to speak. Sometimes changes in the later chapters force me to go back and change earlier events so everything flows together from beginning to end. As I write, filling in the corners and gaps in each chapter, I make every effort to be flexible. There really is something to be said about the thrill of an inspirational moment that a writer gets and then can drop it into a storyline, even if it means having to go back and make changes to other parts of his book! When these occur, I have found that it is an event or a character that I haven’t even thought of before.

3. What is one thing you want the reader to take with them after reading your story?

Above all else, just a sense of being there, of believing in the hope of the story, and to live in the moment of the imagination! After that, just a love for more of my writing!

4. Do you have any weird habits when writing?

I find that I prefer some type of background noise, and music fits the bill very well. Classical works wonders and is one of my favorites. I have just recently found epic music on YouTube, and that stirs the imagination and drives the inspiration. Some of my most profound moments have come when listening to them.

5. I have a hard time choosing my favorite part of your novel; there truly are so many wonderful chapters! But what would you say is your favorite part? What was your favorite part to write?

Even for me it is hard to select just one favorite part. I would have to say the end, for all through the writing process I had the end in mind. My hope is that it will be a pleasant surprise to my readers as well!
Again, as I continue to write the trilogy that follows, I have the end for each book in mind. With all the turns, twists, and changes that the story will go through, I want the conclusion to be a wonderful experience for the readers.

My Review

Randy Massey is a first time author who possesses a wonderful gift, the gift of storytelling. The Summoner is a tale of majestic proportions. The journey you take once you begin reading this novel is suspenseful, magical and vividly entertaining. The lands of Arth and its inhabitants are brought to life by a warm and welcoming narrator. I cannot remember the last time I read a book that painted a landscape as clearly as this one. There are so many wonderful beings, who each have a background, a colorful history that makes them the characters that they are. Even now, after having finished the book, I am still wanting more. I recommend The Summoner by Randy Massey to any person, young or old that wants to travel to a distant world and be part of an epic adventure.

About the Author

Randy Massey works in the construction industry, and is a Steel Detailer by trade. He lives in Michigan with Sharon, his wonderful wife, who has put up with him for over 35 years. Reading has always been a passion of his, following such favorites as: Tolkien, Lewis, Asimov, Bradbury, and, more recently, Riordan and Collins. Loving all types of literature, with Fantasy and Science Fiction being his favorites, writing followed easily behind. He hopes his works will be enjoyed by many in the years to come.

Last Words-
Well, I am certainly happy that the beast woke! Randy Massey really has a wonderful way of making something so foreign seem so real.

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