Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What a ride!

What a ride!  My book (The Realm Between Heaven and Hell) has been on a blog book tour for the last two and a half weeks.  Today is my day to highlight my novel.  But instead of doing that I want to take this day to thank Karrie at A Page Away and all of the bloggers that have taken the time to highlight my work.  This has been a great experience and everyone's efforts are greatly appreciated.

As a first time author I just feel blessed to have had the opportunity to be interviewed and have my book reviewed.  (4 out of 5 star! Good news for me) And I just wanted to tell all the beginners like me a few things I have learned.  Don't make the same mistakes I did.  Learn from my mistakes, then hopefully you will have fewer to deal with! 

Somethings that I figured out the hard way.

1. I used to think that only rich people could be authors.  How on earth was I supposed to write a book, when I am trying to keep a job, take care of a son, take care of myself?  Only rich people have time to write.  And for awhile that kept me from writing seriously. (I could never be kept from writing all together.)  
What i know now- If you want something bad enough. You find the time. Even if it is just an hour a day, you find the time.  I stopped watching Dr. Who and got to work and it felt great!

2. I would start from 'Chapter One' every single time I started to write.  I was so intent on getting the first four chapters perfect that I never got any further. My free time for the day would be spent rolling over chapter one and two. And in a sense I would get nowhere.
What I know now- Power through. Finish your entire first draft.  You will have to edit again when you are done anyway.

3. Beware of the Book Groups.  I loved my book group.  But sometimes people can make you feel like less of  a writer, because perhaps they don't agree with your genre. Or your writing style or even your techniques.  It's easy to let yourself get down when someone doesn't agree with your style. It's easy to get discouraged.  But one thing you need to always remember. Do what makes you feel comfortable. If you need a graph to keep your chapters in order then graph it up.  If you are like me and a bunch of papers in a folder tabbed, highlighted and ear marked makes you happy, then do that! What I know now- Never let anyone talk your writing experience down.  Do you.

*But remember there is a balance to be held when in a group.  You have to remember that people don't tell you that you are doing something wrong because they are out to sabotage you.  They are telling you because they care and probably want the best for you.  Take advice, stay open minded and listen to critiques, even when it hurts.  Never spit in the face of honesty, it is there to help you grow.

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