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Unforgivable by James Fuller

"a thrilling tale"         " leaves you wanting more"
"incredibly dark and twisted story which I loved every moment of"

Unforgivable by James Fuller


       Rising from the ashes of his home in Ever-Dale, Jamus Willms carves a brutal path of vengeance through the lands powerful nobility. His quest for justice seems to defy even death, as hatred fuels his journey - to the ruthless Lord that took everything from him as a simple reminder of the status quo. With the fires of that fateful night still burning in his mind, each step that takes him closer to reclaiming his daughter from the clutches of a psychopath blurs the line between man and monster - Jamus struggles to keep the flames that had disfigured his flesh from twisting his very soul forever. A moving and satisfying tale of revenge from James Fuller.

Book Excerpt

       A dark, lone figure limped indignantly down the dirt road in almost complete silence; all that gave away his presence was the soft clink from the single spur on his left boot, which could be heard for some distance on this silent night.
       The loner wore a dark crimson woolen cloak around his lean shoulders. Most on a cool night such as this would have it pulled tightly around them, but the loner welcomed the unfavorable sensation on his damaged skin and his cloak was open freely. Though the hood he wore concealed his damaged face and identity with the gloomy shadow it produced.
       Most folk were asleep at this late hour, safe in their beds, dreaming sweet dreams of what tomorrow may bring. But not him-he seemed to not need sleep now; hate fuelled his every step, his every move, his every breath. A bitter odium which overwhelmed his very essence, mocking his  common good-natured self, forcing him to forget everything beautiful in the world, everything pure, everything that he had tried to live for. All for nothing-all a disgusting, cruel, twisted joke by the gods... if there were any gods...
       The smell of smoke lingered in the air and assured him he was close to the small town of Milton- his first destination.

My Review

       It was so easy to get caught up in this book, I mean, just read that excerpt! (Taken from the first chapter!) I wanted to show everyone how easily and effortlessly Unforgivable demands your attention from the very beginning. Within the first few pages James Fuller has you hooked!  You ask yourself- Who is this man? What happened to him? And James doesn't leave you guessing for long, his writing is fast and lean. And once you learn the past you have no choice but to read on and see the future.
       I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars because I felt that there could have been more of a journey and perhaps more time to get to know the family and other characters.
      Aside from that, I really enjoyed this read. Action-packed, emotional and brutal.  I recommend this book to anyone who likes revenge served hot with a side of kick-ass.  

Interview with the author

Lost in thought- First off, I just want to say thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me. I truly enjoyed your book.

James Fuller-You’re welcome, I am glad to be here. And you’re too kind.

LIT- No, really! Finding an excerpt to put in the blog is usually the hardest part. But with you, I only had to go to the first chapter, second paragraph. You have such a powerful and gripping beginning, that hooks the reader immediately.  You are a master at murdering your characters. Am I in any danger?

James Fuller- Lol! Anyone who encounters a writer is in danger of being written into a story, and lifted up as a hero... or brutally murdered... for now... you are safe.

LIT- Phew, I will be sure not to cross you!  =) What inspires you? What made you go into this genre? And what exactly is your genre?

James Fuller- I am not sure what truly inspires me, life? My passion to create? My enjoyment of telling a fable? My love of entrapping others into a world I muster up within my mind. All of the above? I chose to do this genre because I see a lot of it out there, yet not a lot of writers are willing to push their characters to the edge in which the greatest things can be achieved. Nor do a lot of writers take the world of violence to the level I did. How many writers can make you love and even root for a cold blood killer?
I do not limit myself as a fiction/fantasy writer, it is what I am known for right now, but I am branching out. I have a couple of horror books in the works and even a fantasy erotica.

LIT- That's so funny, because I wrote that in my review! It's a weird feeling. Rooting for a man to murder another. I think it just shows how well you showed his pain. (I don't want to spoil anything) After what happened to him, anything he does to his enemies is forgivable!
Ok, last one, because this is getting long! 
You are pretty no-holds-barred in your writing style, is there anything you are afraid to write about or anything you feel uncomfortable writing about?

James Fuller- I hate censorship, and I detest censoring my writing style. I had to censor myself so much in school for projects it made my soul hurt. Now out in the real world and as an Indie author where I am not censored by anyone I feel good and refuse to censor my writing. If the story demands it of me I will write it.

LIT- I respect and understand that, but is there anything that makes you uncomfortable?  Not out of censorship, not because of what others might think, but because of how it would make you feel.

James Fuller- To be honest rape scenes always do make me feel a little awkward when writing. I am a detailed writer but at the same time I have to find that level of enough detail to bring out the emotion needed without going over board. I hate the thought of rape it is a horrible thing and should never happen.

LIT-Which brings me to another point, I am not sure if I mentioned it in the review. You handled the rape scene with the right amount of respect. As a woman, I felt the pain, as should everyone, but you wrote it with the right amount of sensitivity. (And of course the pain of the event, was lessened by the revenge.) Well, I just want to thank you again for the interview.  And I am looking forward to reading more of your work.
I wish you much success!

James Fuller- Thank you Jessica, it was a pleasure to be here and I hope you'll have me back soon. And not to worry I have much out there for you to read.

Last thoughts-

       I found it interesting how easily I sided with a cold blooded, brutal, killer and I didn't flinch when `justice' was served. James Fuller, did a superb job in describing his fight scenes. It takes great bravery to go to the dark places this author went, it's a risk I am glad he took. I see this book easily becoming a movie or mini-series or even a great graphic novel.

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Where you can find Unforgivable- 

Amazon- http://www.amazon.com/Unforgivable-Part-One-ebook/dp/B007W3HE84/ref=la_B006TNSNSS_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1348542069&sr=1-2

Official Webpage- http://www.authorjamesfuller.com/index.html

Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/AuthorJamesFuller

Goodreads-  http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/15844491-unforgivable

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Sickle Cell Attacks Again

Hospital Journal, Aug 30

It's August 30 and guess where Jessica is? Ding! Ding! Ding! CHOMP!* Yey, cheers and applause for everyone! But hey, I guess it could be worse right? 
But actually, before all the meds kicked in, it couldn't have been worse.  I know there is a hell, I know because I have been there. I haven't had pain like this, since I can't remember when. Last months excruciating elbow pain, pales in comparison. When the doctors and nurses asked me to rate my pain on scale of 1 to 10. I didn't even answer. They knew, they could see, this is no time for protocol. People always want to know what the pain feels like and I think I finally came up with a good analogy.
It's like this.  Imagine there were a snake in your joint, wrapped intricately around and through all of the parts of your knee. (and hip and lower back in my case) Now, imagine that snake is made out of barbed wire.  Right now, it's coiled up, which still registers a 10 on the incredibly accurate pain scale, but as long as you stay absolutely still, you can breath and relax your grip on the handles of the bed. As long as you only concentrate on breathing nice ,easy, shallow breaths.  You will only have to deal with the pain of the barbed snake resting in your joint.   But the snake is evil and smart.  He waits until you think that the meds have finally kicked in. He waits until you reach that moment where you allow yourself to think; can I close my eyes, can I rest, can I relax the rest of my body now and let the mattress hold my weight?  And one by one you begin to relax your muscles and just when you think, Holy shit, I can rest!  The snake strikes! He lashes out and rips through your bone, making your body contort in unnatural ways and your eyes roll to the back of your head.* *  But this is no ordinary snake, striking only once or twice, he continues to lash out, writhing, cutting his barbs deeper into your body. Until you are panting and wet with sweat and tears. The nurses look at you and leave the room, feeling sad and worthless, nothing they do can ease your pain.  And you are usually such a happy person. Which makes it worse for them. No one likes to see the nice guy down. 
That snake eventually stopped striking, and then it retracted it's coils and then diminished in size until, to everyone's surprise I was walking around on my own.  It took me a week to recover from 2 days of hell. And even now, the pain remains.  It is always here.  
I tell my friends and family, that this was a close call, but it was more than close. I was there, I was ready to go. I was willing to start the next adventure, I was begging to be freed from the grips of the masochist snake that was relentlessly torturing me. I prayed to the Unseens. I found myself asking for any kind of relief. And that scares me.  It scares me for two reasons; one, I asked and pleaded and begged and the other, no one answered.

To learn more about sickle cell anemia click the links below-



If you need help dealing with sickle cell or would like to help those in need-


*Local hospital
** A German documentary I once saw likened severe sickle cell attacks to demonic possessions.  The documentary was about whether or not demonic possession was a real.  They said that in some cases the claims were rebutted, the cause was severe epilepsy, severe sickle cell crisis, and rabies. I will try to find the documentary and throw up a link.  But, I fear it will take some time.