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Hypnos by Alexis Lewis

Hypnos by Alexis Lewis

Book Description

When college student Madison Tyler goes to sleep at night she doesn’t just dream, she unknowingly struggles with an unwanted talent…the ability to affect the minds of other sleepers. Slowly losing the normalcy of life at the expense of this gift she meets two brothers with their own dark secrets who could influence her fate.
Since they have experience in the strange new awareness she has fallen prey to, the attractive twins just might be the solution she needs. Identical in feature but not in form the brothers wage their own internal battles against things even more powerful than Madison’s talents which grow stronger and pull them closer everyday.
Troubled and dark, Chris must decide whether or not to help her despite a personal history that demands avoidance. Strong and kind, Keenan is determined to save them all from self-destruction before he loses both the brother he loves and this odd yet beautiful girl he feels driven to aid.
Hypnos is the tale of three people vying to find answers to the oldest of questions...What is the definition of good and evil, and how do we act upon our understanding in a world clouded by human relationships, emotion, and the necessity of self preservation? How often do our conscious endeavors reflect our unconscious will?

My Review

Let’s begin at the beginning, best authors forward ever! If there were an award for it Alexis Lewis would win hands down.  If you can read it and still put the book down, then you don't deserve to be a part of this ridiculously amazing adventure that emerges in the pages to follow! After reaching the 30% mark I simply couldn't put the book down anymore.
The idea of lucid dreaming is such an intriguing basis for writing a novel. I personally am a dreamer (and a have experienced lucid dreaming and hags) perhaps that helped me relate more to the story.  I do believe that even if someone doesn’t dream they would still find this book mysterious and captivating. The author takes it to so many different levels.  At times the book gets dark or hard but the author understands this and throws the reader a bone, by inserting some comic relief, giving the reader time to recuperate from the intense ideas and story line.
She seems to have perfect timing, the way all the scenes pan out, just seamless, effortless. This book and its author deserve every bit of the 5 stars.
If I had to say something critical, I think the vocabulary was over the top. That is the only fault I could find.  It’s one thing for the author to have this immense and beautifully variant vocabulary, but it is unrealistic that all of the characters have this impeccable vocabulary.  (I can understand that Madi and Chris might speak like that, but everyone…hard to believe)  But the book still gets every bit of the five stars, because the author manages to keep everyone in character regardless of their immaculate vernacular.
After reading this book I began to do some research and found some interesting blogs about lucid dreaming and the such. That’s how powerful Hypnos is, it makes you want to research more, learn more and that is a rare quality for a single book to have.
I think for me on a personal note this book was not just a pleasure to read but I became part of it. 

Interview with the author

Lost in Thought- Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with me, I know you're busy writing book 2, which I am anxiously awaiting!

Alexis Lewis- Thank you for doing a blog on me! I'm thrilled!

LIT- So, what inspired you to write about lucid dreaming? I am a huge dreamer and often know when I am dreaming. Do you dream too?

AL- I do. Lucid dream-luv it. I find it amazing that there isn't more info on dreaming from a researchable scientific point of view. It's an incredible psychological frontier that we've only begun to explore...

LIT- Yes, I agree. People are always saying,  “what did my dream mean?” and I look at it more like, “how much fun can I have!” I believe the brain itself is still a huge mystery. Did you have to do tons of research when you wrote this or are you writing more from experience?

AL- Many of my scenes are derived from experience, but I did have to do a lot of research when it came to terminology especially. My background with philosophy and psych 101 courses didn't hurt either. I tried to have fun with the story rather than let it be dominated by the context which is an easy trap to fall into.
The mystery of the human mind as you said, was my ally. It gave me room for poetic license. Lol

LIT- As you already know, I love-love your book! You did a great job, and I am under the impression that you balanced the theories and the story well. Seriously, great job! So, the 'hag', is that a technical term? I have experienced this on several occasions....and just for the readers can you explain the term in a sentence or two? And should I be worried? LOL..but seriously.

AL- First off-thank you so much. Thank you for reading it! It's what we authors live for-pleased fans. It was written for you and everyone like you.
'Hag' is a pseudo-technical term. It is the old moniker for what physicians call sleep-paralysis today. It connotes waking up with the inability to move one's body and is usually accompanied by a feeling of apprehension or weight on the upper torso. Scary stuff, I know. As for being worried...

LIT- I knew it! I'm doomed!  So, there is a book two underway. Can you tell us a little about it? Does it pick up right where book one left off?

AL- You're not doomed! Just one of the many who experience the inexplicable. Book 2 in the series, 'Syphon', is in the works, and it will begin right where Hypnos left off. I wasn't sure I was going to write another book to be quite honest, but my first try did well, and some of my friends complained that I definitely left the plot hanging. Can't be unfair to the readers!

LIT- Yea, well I think it could have went either way! I am glad, however, that the adventures will continue.

AL- Also, I want to explore the lighter side of things in the second novel, show the beauty of lucid dreaming rather than just its horrors. Happy, hopeful stuff you know?

LIT- Oh, yes, I think that would be cool to explore another side.
So, Madi is going to marry, who did you say?

AL- Hahaha-ahhh not sure I'll include a Meyer's -esque wedding. Who knows? Chris might actually sacrifice Mad's. Maybe her death will be the light at the end of the tunnel? Not sure yet really. Lol

LIT- AHHHH! Ok.... I vote no on the sacrifice! Hahaha... No worries... I'm sure whatever comes next will be absolutely amazing. Seriously, your book is one my all-time favs. A breath of fresh air! And if you have to sacrifice someone, that is just simply our duty as authors. I’m sure I will get over it!
Thanks, so much for taking the time to talk with me. Now get back to work!!

AL- Thank you!  Will do, and I'll try not to off anyone for your sake! Can't wait to read the blog! TY, TY, TY Jess!

LIT- No worries, my pleasure! Ciao and thanks again for your time!

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Last Words

Alexis Lewis, deserves a freaking super-genius prize for crafting this amazing story. I think for me on a personal note, this book was not just a pleasure to read but I became part of it.  Hypnos is so intense that I began lucidly dreaming about lucid dreaming! True story!