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Legacy of Daddy

The Legacy of Daddy  by Angus H. Day

Book Description

What happens when a Graduate student competes for a PhD in a dystopian society by experimenting with dangerous alien technology? Does humankind need technological help to leave Earth? These and other questions are awkwardly dealt with in The Legacy of Daddy.

My Review

Legacy of Daddy is a true science fiction book. The first real sci-fi I have read since Ender’s Game. Angus Day is a master engineer who makes science and literature merge seamlessly, and apparently with an ease I envy.  Legacy of Daddy is an amazing journey, at times witty, heart breaking, at times heated and sexy, it was simply true to emotions we as humans feel throughout our tiny lifetimes.  You can discuss this book on so many levels, you can debate over ideas and ideals, or just simply kick back and enjoy the ride.  Angus Day challenges you, demands that you think outside of your magnificent brain and get your hands dirty. Politics, hierarchy, scheming, conspiracies, love, hate, revenge, secrets, it’s all here!
I usually don’t like books that span over years. One chapter ends and then the next starts five to ten years later. I feel like the authors that do this are just being lazy. I think that is because until now I have never really read any works that have mastered this art. However, when Angus Day does it, it’s a natural necessity. After all, Rome wasn't built in a day. The time jumps are very necessary and very well planned.  One thing I felt could have made it easier on the reader is perhaps a labeling on the chapters. Chapter names, for example;  Chapter 13- Sol 3022 or something like that. Not that it is needed but in the beginning there were a few moments where I was thrown off for a second before I realized that we were in the future. Once I realized that was the style of the author I didn't have that problem again.  That is the only negative point I have to make.
To bring an end to my review before it gets too long, I would recommend this book to anyone in the mood for a true scientific adventure to a world vastly different from ours, yet eerily similar.

Interview with the Author

Angus Day: Good morning Jessica.

Lost in Thought: Thank you so much for doing this interview with me.

AD: Glad to.

LIT: So, first off I wanted to congratulate you on writing a real Sci-Fi! It was an awesome and refreshing read. Was this your first book?

AD: Legacy of Daddy was my first novel. I have published three more in the Next You Universe and am working with a collaborator for the first time on book 5. I have at least 10 synopses for the Next You Universe so far.

LIT: Wow! That is exciting, it really will be a legacy! I love Legacy of Daddy, and I will surely be reading the other books pertaining to it.
The idea of Nanites fixing all of our problems isn't that far- fetched, I really liked how you developed the science over time. I usually don't like to read books with time jumps, but with yours it was spot on! It gave the science time to develop.
What made you think of writing about Nanites? You really seem to know what you’re talking about when it comes to the nano-tech.

AD: I did some work with nanoscale batteries and I make DNA/RNA based pharmaceutical ingredients for my paying job. I kind of fell in love with the Sci-Fi theme of nanotech by reading Ben Bova’s books.

LIT: What interests you most about this type of science?

AD: Where it is now and where it could possibly go. I really do not like to read or write near-term Sci-Fi. People start looking at you like some kind of seer or someone with insider knowledge. I do have another motivation for writing a future with Nano playing a large role.

LIT: That's yet another reason I like the book! I wasn't reading it going, 'nahhh, doesn't sound right!’
So, I can't honestly tell you who my favorite character is.  Horace is an interesting character. Is Horace a good guy or a bad guy? With all the conspiracy and him hijacking half the world, I couldn't figure it out!

AD: Horace is a good guy with some psychological issues. Everyone seems to glorify the idea of living for a really long time but I've not seen anyone address the potential for mental disease developing because of longevity. I think as we extend lifespans we will begin to experience new ailments.

LIT: That is an interesting discussion point. (One that I will have to save for a later date.) I sometimes couldn't tell if Horace was only trying to protect his own backside or if he cared about humans too and where the race was going.
I really liked that you kept humans human. We are a young race and very trigger happy.

AD: Horace started out caring about Horace. Humans were an opportunity. When or if you read Having Nice Things, you will find out more about why Horace was ready to shit himself when the Brimmers arrived.

LIT: Oh, I already understood that from Legacy of Daddy, the Brimmers were nobody to mess with! The way you wrote the book, if Horace was afraid of something, you knew it had to be a badass banana!  
Your work suggests that nanos will be playing a humongous role in our future. What are your thoughts on that?

AD: My other motivation for including nano is to guide the concept of resource usage. You can only build big so long before you run out of stuff or it becomes too expensive.

LIT: Which brings us to money, is nano-tech really that expensive? Aren't they supposed to someday be able to create themselves?

AD: Any ground breaking research is immensely expensive from the aspect that you have to have proof of concept then determine the most efficient manner to bring the concept to reality creating a lot of ways how not to do it in the process. Couple that with things that will be introduced into living beings and you can hit the expense with a factor of ten to come out at the bottom of the range. People get real picky about what they will consider ingesting or...having inserted...somewhere.
Self-assemblers are a sub area of nano tech. We have to get past proof of concept first.

LIT: Oh, very good point! I'm just like 'eh, they will make one and it will automatically work out!' Gesch, I have too much faith in scientists! That's why I'm an author! Haha
One more thing I loved about reading your work, it wasn't over descriptive, which is good in some books, but sometimes especially when it comes to future technology it's best to keep it simple and let the reader piece it together. You really did an amazing job, giving us exactly what we needed, no more no less, so thanks for that! Out of curiosity who was your favorite character, if you have one?

AD: In that book it's a tie with Horace, Basil and Robert.

LIT: I had a feeling you were going to say that! So, it sounds like you have an amazing job, well two, scientist and author. Just a bounos question, if you had to choose which profession would you devote yourself to.

AD: Really, I have to choose, scientist or author?

LIT: Yes, if you had to choose, which one would you choose?

AD: I would choose scientist and keep writing as the therapy it is for me. This is my creative outlet. Everyone needs one for their balance.

LIT: Hmmmmmm, ok that's a solid answer... But I am going to press on, if you really had to choose, would it be mad scientist or uninspired author. Hahahaha!

AD:(I see your bullshit and raise another) I would skew your view and go with insane scientist with a happy disposition. Mildly creepy. (Always clawing to get out of the box)

LIT:  Hahahahaha! Seriously laughing out loud! What a great start to my morning!  It has been my pleasure chatting with you. I hope to do this again sometime. So for the readers the next book in the series is....?

AD: Next You Interstellar LLC
LIT: Next You Interstellar LLC is already on my reading list, well somewhere closer to the bottom though.  But who knows, I sometimes cheat and move books up, so we might be hearing from one another soon enough! Well, it is now time to officially end this interview. Thank you so very much for taking the time to work with me, I am looking forward to doing this all again once I read your next work. Till then, stay cool! Ciao!

Where to find Legacy of Daddy

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Last Words 

I loved the conspiracy, Big Brother, aspect to the book. Often times I was reminded of 1984 by George Orwell. I see people looking back on this book in 60 years asking, “How did he know?”
I am looking forward to reading the other works in this series. 

Last Last Words 

This would make a great graphic novel or even television series!  Watch out for Angus Day, I see him and his vision taking over the world sometime in the near future, and I am glad to be part of something so special from the start!