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Cosmosis by Thomas Pryce

Cosmosis by Thomas Pryce


War Torn

Nathan Bhat is an E6 medic aboard a celestial cruiser in the war between humankind and the Phraaks. When their vessel is shot down, Nathan and several soldiers find themselves marooned on an uncharted planet, hunted by a legion of Phraaks. As they race across the barren planet in search of cover, he soon realizes that the Phraaks are not their only worry; the planet, it seems, has an agenda as well.

Bad Trip

Following a suicide attempt Sarah Billings is remanded to a psych ward. Her husband, Ryan, an NYPD detective is perplexed by the incident. Escpecially when he learns that it was an entity from outer space that had convinced his wife to slit her wrists. When she disappears the next day, Ryan begins an investigation that will not only test his sleuthing skills, but have him rethinking his beliefs, and ultimately questioning his own sanity. Meanwhile, terrified and lost in a mysterious realm, Sarah is forced to battle demons on her own.

White Light

Garrett Lang has stage-four leukemia. On the advice of a good friend, he takes up meditation to help cope. As his relaxation methods improve, he begins to see a curious white light behind closed eyes. At first he's bewildered, then worries that the white light might be the phenomenon of near death experience (NDE). Soon, through an extraordinary course of discovery, he finds that the light is more than he could've ever dreamed.

Gerneral Maps

Sequestered in a command bunker beneath the Pentagon, General Maps along with a skeleton crew direct the globabl battle against alien invasion. The Hormellians had arrived months earlier and seeded the atmosphere with a deadly virus. The virus infects sleep centers of the brain, causing insomnia that is eventually lethal. With the world on the verge of collapse, General Maps and his beleaguered team must find a cure before it's too late. But sometimes heroes are only in fiction.

My Review-

War Torn- 

I jumped into the book head first and minutes later crashed onto an alien planet with Medic Nathan Baht and his shipmates. Among the crew, Lieutenant Commander Kaylyss, Apollo the dog, a Bio-bot named Cass and some soldiers uniquely nick-named the Gene Berets. (GENIUS!)
Through the entire story you are following Baht in his search for survivors and then in his fight for survival against the aliens that shot his life out of the sky. Slowly you begin to see that there is more happening on the planet. The planet itself is not just alive but also perceptive and weirdly human. That is the best I can explain it, so you will just have to read it yourself and experience the words I can not find! Hahaha! War Torn is essentially a love story, it all comes down to love and peace. When you lose everything, you realize what you miss most might be the smile from a robot or the wag of a dog's tail.

Bad Trip-

Bad Trip!!  GRRR!!  UGH! I was very silly and did not read the back cover, as usual! So, I had no idea that the story would end on page 122. I thought Bad Trip was War Torn part 2, which I was really really looking forward to! The idea that a planet could be so alive and beautiful! I wanted more.
After I was done being angry with Mr. Pryce I decided that if War Torn was so awesome then I really should read Bad Trip.
Pryce did not disappoint! I found Bad Trip to be even more exciting and intriguing then War Torn! I was immediately immersed. Before the science fiction fun even began the story telling was flawless. The emotions Ryan embodied were all on point and once again I was wondering if Pryce is a psychologist or a doctor or simply a genius. The emotion and actions of the characters in this story were simply spot on. Which is under cutting the author by saying 'simply' because the dynamics of this story and the one before it are anything but simple.
When I finally found out where Ryan's wife Sarah was, I immediately thought, 'He did it again!'
This story was horrific and fun and impossible and the very last scene had me feeling jealous! *** Spoiler Alert Removed***  I really can't say enough about the way Pryce can write about very scientifically complicated scenarios and still make the reader easily understand what is going on. It made me feel very smart and I thank him for that!

I really recommend Cosmosis to anyone who says they are science fiction fans, to anyone who loves adventure and horror and really to anyone who loves a great read.

I define 'great read' as- A book or story that even after you are finished reading, long since the book has been on your shelf you still think about it. So, with that said, Cosmosis by Thomas Pryce is a GREAT read.

Interview with the Author

Last Thoughts

The other stories were stellar as well but this blog was getting rather long. You will not be disappointed!

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*** Two alien planets in one life time! WHAT?!!

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The Fallen by Sean Bazaar

The Fallen by Sean Bazaar


None of us could have fathomed that one day our time would be up.
That day is now.
Everyone knows of the story of Armageddon, the battle between the forces of Heaven and the demonic legions of Hell. And we all just figured it was a no-brainer, which side would come out on top. But we were wrong.

Journal of Alisha Grace-
Every time I go to the window, I smell only blood, fire, and brimstone. It happened so quickly that no one had time to react: portals forged from demonic magic opened all over the world, and pouring through them were agents of macabre death, tidal waves of destruction the likes of which we had never seen. The sky filled with beautiful, white-winged creatures full of deadly grace and determined precision, intent upon stopping the demon armies. The final war had been brought to our very doorstep.

My Review

These are the kind of Seraphim I want to read about! I don't know where to begin on this book without making my review too long!

In most books I find myself really only caring about one or two characters. Bazaar did an amazing job, he is madly descriptive and all of his characters stick out. In, The Fallen, I found myself looking forward to reading more on all of the major characters and even some of the smaller ones, each had their own story. It's hard to find a book where you are interested in everyone, this style reminds me a lot of George R.R. Martin.

One downside, I wanted to know more about the them. Bazaar could probably write a book for each of his main characters. Did I already mention, I love the characters? With that said, I wish there would have been more dialogue or more background info. I wanted to know more about the relationships. Especially, when it came to Rai, Krillion, Valafor, Kobal, Alisha, I could go on. Perhaps we will learn more in the next book.

Bazaar can orchestrate a battle effortlessly. A number of times I caught myself asking, "Is this really his first book?" Details of the war and strategies and techniques the fighters use, his talent at portraying these scenes really blew my mind. Again, very reminiscent of George R.R. Martin.
I recommend this book to anyone who is tired of the mushy mush, to anyone who is ready to go on a seriously hellish joyride!

Interview with the Author

Lost in Thought: Thank you so much for doing this interview with me! Is this your first book?

Sean Bazaar: Yes it is. Sorry to hear your back in the hospital again.

LIT: No worries! I am trying not to let my sickle cell get in the way. I am not going to let it stop me for now. This is the first time I'm trying to work through it, we shall see how it goes. But anyway, back to you!
Did you always want to be a writer? When did you realize you had talent?

SB: I never once in my life believed I would ever be a writer! I just had an idea and did my best to put it to paper. The first inkling I got that I was onto something was in Iraq. My platoon kept telling me how awesome the story I was writing was.

LIT: That is amazing and so mind boggling because your book is wild! You sir, are a talented writer and story teller. Do you have a favorite character?

SB: The characters are incredibly fantastic in their own unique ways, it's hard to name one as my favorite.

LIT: I had a hard time choosing my favorite. Ahhhh, who am I kidding?! Rai was my favorite from the get to! Kobal and Valafor tie for second. You did a magnificent job creating such an amazing array of colorful characters.
Your book has a number of Archangels, did you have to do research for your book?

SB: I researched the angels and demons and took the ones I liked, which is why the main demons aren't the normal ones most people have heard of. Along with that is a fairly large cast of created angels and demons which take center stage of the book and story.

LIT: Ok so, the next question is gonna get real. If you don't want to answer I understand.

SB: Hit me!

LIT: You do an amazing job describing Hell and torture and you paint the pictures so morbidly perfect. The scene where the angels were tortured and had their wings burned in front of the yet to be tortured. WOW! And the psychology behind Mullin and the Mages, and how through this specific method they got the desired effect among the prisoners. This reads like you are a psyc. major or you know war all too well. Is it fair to say war equals Hell?

SB: Absolutely, there is no victor in war. To see first hand the damage and chaotic devastation done to people and the environment can have a decisive impact on ones own mind.

LIT: Do you believe in Heaven and Hell?

SB: Hahaha, that's a tough one. In order to believe in both, one would have to believe in all the tag along items and that opens up a massive theology debate. But I guess I would say yes.

LIT: I dig it. Is there another book in the works?

SB: Yes, book two, Dark Decimation will be released this year.

LIT: Sweet Beans! Oh and one last question, if your book is ever made into a movie can Vin Diesel play Valafor?

SB: I'm thinking Ron Pearlman. Hahahaha

LIT: Awww, ok. (went to check who that is) OH HELL YES!! Hahahaha! That is a perfect fit!

SB: Here's a promise, Dark Decimation is going to make the first look like a kid's book.

LIT: YES! Well then I can't wait! For the second book and for the movie! It's been great talking with you. Thanks for writing such a great book and I wish you nothing but success and more success in all your endeavors!

SB: Thank you for doing this interview. Anytime you have more questions on anything feel free to ask.

Last Thoughts

Go out and get the book already!

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