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Unforgivable II by James Fuller

Unforgivable II  by James Fuller


Half a lifetime of running comes to a dead stop when Sofia stands as the last of her line. Her father and her innocence lie cold in the ground as she embarks on a crusade of treason, blood and justice.
Haunted by her dreams, Sofia inherits more than her father's thirst for vengeance with the discovery of a miraculous herb among his possessions. However, she finds the peace offered by the infamous root comes at a crippling cost: an addiction that leaves her owing more than life is worth in the kingdom of Faer-Tri.
Indebted to gypsies, she enters a war in the capital city of Delmar where every shadow promises death by friend or foe alike. In the chaos, Sofia fights to separate reality form fantasy while only one thing remains certain...she will not rest until the king lies dead at her feet...

My Review

Unforgivable II is a powerful story soaked with the blood only a trail of merciless revenge could leave behind. It's written in a manner where it can be read in order and fill the wake of its predecessor, Unforgivable, or stand alone making waves of its own. With that said, I enjoyed the first book and recommend you do read them in the order they were meant to be read. 
There were times in this book when I caught myself saying, "Just one more chapter, just give me a little bit more." There was so much going on that I found myself wanting to stem away from Sophia's revenge story and learn more about her past, the war or the gypsies. However, I understand why Fuller chose to write Sopia's tale fast and lean just like her fathers story. 
Once again, Fuller did a magnificent job in depicting the beast that is revenge. He shows how it can consume and twist and fog the mind. 
I wanted so badly wanted to fully venture down the rabbit hole with Sophia but even though that journey was not in the forefront of the book, the surprises Fuller gave were still elaborate and fantastically gruesome. 
One thing I absolutely love about this sequel, Fuller never lets Sophia slip out of character. Not for anything or anyone. She uses her surroundings to reach her goal and in the end she and we, the reader realize what she has become.

Interview with the author

Lost in thought: I was really excited going into book 2 because the first one was amazing and this time it's a woman out for revenge. I was eager to see how you would portray her. What I found so amazing is that Sophia's killing style is like her father's; brutal, quick and calculated. Yet it's also essentially a style of her own, fresh, fast and focused. I don't believe that between the two characters you killed anyone the same way twice!  You managed to do it again! 

James Fuller: And I hope to do it a third time. The thing you have to remember about Sophia is that she grew up on the run with her father, watching him, learning from him, seeing that hesitation meant failure and death. Jamus acted on a primal instinct of focus to keep them alive. It's only natural that that would be passed down, except with slight differences.

LIT: A third time, I heard about that but I wasn't sure if it was just a thought or a plan. That's pretty awesome! 

JF: As a few months ago I released knowledge that there will be an Unforgivable 3.

LIT: I'm excited but who will be exacting revenge this time? Any crumbs for a teaser or must I/we wait?

JF: Unforgivable 3 will actually take place in the 10 years between Chapters 13 and 14 of book 1. The years they spent on the run.  I will gladly give you the first chapter to post if you'd like.

LIT: Sounds sweet and I would gladly add a teaser! And might I add a "YEY!"? Interestingly enough I was missing that! When I started book two and Sophia was already a deadly assassin  I have to admit a little part of me was sad. I wanted to know how she got there. I am glad to see you working hard. If I recall correctly, you have started to write some erotica as well?

JF: Yes I have. I have written 2 so far and have a 3rd in the works, but they aren't your typical erotica's, they are darker (much like Unforgivable) the plots are deep and entrenched with action, desire and heart wrenching moments that will leave you breathless and eager.

LIT: Watch out! Hahaha Ok! 

JF: Until Death Do Us Part hit #1 in erotica's on Amazon for a short time this summer and was said to be one of the best paranormal erotica's of the summer!

LIT: WHAT!? That's awesome! Congratulations! You should have led with that! 

JF: Thanks

LIT: Well, sir, it was good chatting with you once again. See you back here for Unforgivable three?

JF: Gladly! Thanks

LIT: Thank you!

Last thoughts 

Again, Fuller would have went deeper into the war and the Kingdom, but then it wouldn't be a sequel but a completely different novel. I deeply appreciate that Fuller does manage to keep it about Sophia.  He keeps the people and emotions believable   She acts exactly like a person driven by revenge would act. No time for anything else. 

Other Publications

Fall of a King: The False Prince
Fall of a King: Brothers of Blood
Unforgivable II
Broken Shards of a Masterpiece
Luxuria (erotica)
Until Death Do Us Part -(erotica) Hit #1 on this summers Amazon charts
Congrats again! 

You can find these works at Amazon available for kindle and paperback 

As promised Sneak Peek of Unforgivable III

Unforgivable III
The Lost Years

Chapter 1
Sins of Necessity

                The night was cold and bitter, the sting of winters breath unforgiving to those ill prepared to venture out into it. Gusts of angry biting wind threw the thick falling snow around in a bizarre dance of utter confusion. Most were snug in their beds, blanketed by the embrace of a burning hearth and thick down filled quilts, but a few were forced to endure the frozen wasteland having no place to call home anymore.
                Jamus tightened his grip, his fingers entrenching deeper within the thick, curly mats of hair. He lent more of his weight down harder, fighting against the desperate struggling beneath him. His exhausted muscles screamed at him to stop but he knew if he relented even for a moment his resolve would break.
                He looked over at the shivering rag bundled figure standing at the entrance of the alleyway. “Close your eyes honey,” he said through gritted teeth his voice full of raw affliction, “just look away.” He could see the whites of her eyes disappear as she squeezed them shut.
                Jamus pushed his victims face deeper into the freezing snow cutting off all chance of him finding another breath or releasing another muffled cry for help. Suffocating him until finally his movements slowed and stopped his body finally going limp. He held sure long after the man had cease to move not willing to risk any chance that the deed was unfinished.
                He stared down at the body a silent guilt riddled war waging deep within him before he rolled him over as looked upon the dead man’s face, something he forced himself to always do. He glared down at the man’s rough features, how many women had he beaten? How many had he raped? How many lives had he ruined with his wickedness? He couldn't anymore.
                Jamus’ guilt subsided as he began to search the man’s pockets and retrieved a small coin purse with a silver and four copper within. It wasn't much but it would buy them enough food to go on awhile longer. He pulled a silver ring from the man’s finger and pocketed it as well.
                “Papa, I hear someone.” Sofia shivered through the gusts of wind.

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