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Oblivion's Forge Book One of the Anoa Series


Oblivion's Forge   by Simon Williams


     For thousands of years they have sought the world from which they were cast out.

     Now, at last, Aona has been found.

     The younger races of this world will all be swept up in a struggle for survival, as their ancient, malevolent masters, guardians of all Anoa's secrets, rise to do battle with their foes, remorseless destroyers of world after world, throughout the known Existence.


My Review & Quick Playback

     This was actually my second reading of the book. The first time I read Oblivion's Forge was about a year ago. I thought I had already written a review.
     About three weeks ago I was deleting old emails and I realized that Mr. Williams and I never finished our interview. As I dug a bit deeper, I realized that not only had we not begun the interview but I had failed to write a review altogether!
I immediately reached out to Mr. Williams and apologized. Told him I would write that review I had promised a year ago, a word is your bond after all. But before I did, I wanted to re-read the book. I have read many books since then and a large percentage where of the same genre. I wanted to be sure to give an accurate review.
     Almost instantly, before the third chapter I remembered the book and the characters and the plots and twists and tangles, almost everything. I could have easily stopped and written the review right there and then. But I kept reading instead!

That tells you two things:
1- Oblivion's Forge is forged* brilliantly, constructed in such a fascinating manner that the tale actually bonds with your imagination. So, that even after a year of reading books of the same genre, it sticks out like a shiny pebble. 
2- It is so masterfully written, that reading it twice wasn't a chore but a pleasure.

     Williams is everything an author, an artist, should be. Bold, clean, intelligent. The character's emotions aren't just emotions on paper, they are real and sharp and painful.
I am not sure where he will go in the next few books, but I promise, I will find out!

*Hahaha, sorry couldn't help myself. I was going to say brilliantly composed but I really lack restraint.  =)

Interview with Author-

Lost in Thought: Hello Mr. Williams thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with me.
I truly enjoyed Oblivion's Forge. Even after not having read it in a year, it was still fresh in my mind. Was this your first work?

Simon Williams: It was actually my first work that I felt happy about- and it took a long time to write as I basically changed everything at least twice. It was also the work during which I found my "voice" or my most comfortable writing style, so it was worth all the effort. After that, I've been able to complete a full-length novel every year, which I realize isn't at all prolific compared to all those "nanowrimo" writers who can churn out many thousands of words every day. But it's a hell of a lot faster than my previous pace.

LIT: Don't downplay yourself, a book a year is no easy feat! Isn't it a great feeling when you find your vibe?

SW: It was a good feeling. At least now I know my style or "voice" as I always like to call it.

LIT: So, how many books have you written?

SW: I've written the five books in the Aona series, which is now complete. And I've written a sci-fi/fantasy adventure,  Summer's Dark Waters, which is a YA, so a bit of a different direction for me to take. It got a lot of good reviews and feedback though, and I'm working on a sequel.
I've been writing both short and long works since I was very young in fact, but the vast majority were scrapped. Some shorter works may make it into my short story collection which I hope to bring out soon, once I have decided what to include and exclude.

LIT: Wow! You're an inspiration! I would love to read Summer's Dark Waters. But back to the book at hand! One theme that you described flawlessly is the cold. I actually had to pull my blankets close in a couple of scenes. Where does your expertise on all things chilly come from?

SW: Keeping my hands off the central heating until November to save money! Seriously though, not sure... although I have spent quite a bit of time in cold, grim locations, like Scotland and Norway. I've climbed a lot of mountains and trekked through a lot of snow in my time, maybe that's how it got into my head. 
I think I write more and ideas flow better in the winter, we have such miserable, grey, damp winters with depressingly short days. I detest the winter, the one benefit is that I seem to produce "better" work when I'm down. I think good old-fashioned British pessimism is also a big help though!

LIT: You are a funny man, I always find it interesting how authors can take their surroundings and put them into words! You sir, are a fascinating man. And I hope to interview you again after I read Summer's Dark Waters?

SW: I would be more than happy to be a re-interviewee of yours! You'll find Summer's Dark Waters quite different in tone to the Aona books, mainly because it is geared toward a different age group.

LIT: Awesome! I look forward to doing this again soon!

Don't Forget to Check out

Last thoughts

     Mr. Williams was super chill. He didn't fuss or blow me off or get angry when our meeting times didn't pan out. He is not only a great author but a kind man as well. Which I am sure will come through once we finish the interview.

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Cosmosis by Thomas Pryce

Cosmosis by Thomas Pryce


War Torn

Nathan Bhat is an E6 medic aboard a celestial cruiser in the war between humankind and the Phraaks. When their vessel is shot down, Nathan and several soldiers find themselves marooned on an uncharted planet, hunted by a legion of Phraaks. As they race across the barren planet in search of cover, he soon realizes that the Phraaks are not their only worry; the planet, it seems, has an agenda as well.

Bad Trip

Following a suicide attempt Sarah Billings is remanded to a psych ward. Her husband, Ryan, an NYPD detective is perplexed by the incident. Escpecially when he learns that it was an entity from outer space that had convinced his wife to slit her wrists. When she disappears the next day, Ryan begins an investigation that will not only test his sleuthing skills, but have him rethinking his beliefs, and ultimately questioning his own sanity. Meanwhile, terrified and lost in a mysterious realm, Sarah is forced to battle demons on her own.

White Light

Garrett Lang has stage-four leukemia. On the advice of a good friend, he takes up meditation to help cope. As his relaxation methods improve, he begins to see a curious white light behind closed eyes. At first he's bewildered, then worries that the white light might be the phenomenon of near death experience (NDE). Soon, through an extraordinary course of discovery, he finds that the light is more than he could've ever dreamed.

Gerneral Maps

Sequestered in a command bunker beneath the Pentagon, General Maps along with a skeleton crew direct the globabl battle against alien invasion. The Hormellians had arrived months earlier and seeded the atmosphere with a deadly virus. The virus infects sleep centers of the brain, causing insomnia that is eventually lethal. With the world on the verge of collapse, General Maps and his beleaguered team must find a cure before it's too late. But sometimes heroes are only in fiction.

My Review-

War Torn- 

I jumped into the book head first and minutes later crashed onto an alien planet with Medic Nathan Baht and his shipmates. Among the crew, Lieutenant Commander Kaylyss, Apollo the dog, a Bio-bot named Cass and some soldiers uniquely nick-named the Gene Berets. (GENIUS!)
Through the entire story you are following Baht in his search for survivors and then in his fight for survival against the aliens that shot his life out of the sky. Slowly you begin to see that there is more happening on the planet. The planet itself is not just alive but also perceptive and weirdly human. That is the best I can explain it, so you will just have to read it yourself and experience the words I can not find! Hahaha! War Torn is essentially a love story, it all comes down to love and peace. When you lose everything, you realize what you miss most might be the smile from a robot or the wag of a dog's tail.

Bad Trip-

Bad Trip!!  GRRR!!  UGH! I was very silly and did not read the back cover, as usual! So, I had no idea that the story would end on page 122. I thought Bad Trip was War Torn part 2, which I was really really looking forward to! The idea that a planet could be so alive and beautiful! I wanted more.
After I was done being angry with Mr. Pryce I decided that if War Torn was so awesome then I really should read Bad Trip.
Pryce did not disappoint! I found Bad Trip to be even more exciting and intriguing then War Torn! I was immediately immersed. Before the science fiction fun even began the story telling was flawless. The emotions Ryan embodied were all on point and once again I was wondering if Pryce is a psychologist or a doctor or simply a genius. The emotion and actions of the characters in this story were simply spot on. Which is under cutting the author by saying 'simply' because the dynamics of this story and the one before it are anything but simple.
When I finally found out where Ryan's wife Sarah was, I immediately thought, 'He did it again!'
This story was horrific and fun and impossible and the very last scene had me feeling jealous! *** Spoiler Alert Removed***  I really can't say enough about the way Pryce can write about very scientifically complicated scenarios and still make the reader easily understand what is going on. It made me feel very smart and I thank him for that!

I really recommend Cosmosis to anyone who says they are science fiction fans, to anyone who loves adventure and horror and really to anyone who loves a great read.

I define 'great read' as- A book or story that even after you are finished reading, long since the book has been on your shelf you still think about it. So, with that said, Cosmosis by Thomas Pryce is a GREAT read.

Interview with the Author

Last Thoughts

The other stories were stellar as well but this blog was getting rather long. You will not be disappointed!

Where you can find Cosmosis



*** Two alien planets in one life time! WHAT?!!

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The Fallen by Sean Bazaar

The Fallen by Sean Bazaar


None of us could have fathomed that one day our time would be up.
That day is now.
Everyone knows of the story of Armageddon, the battle between the forces of Heaven and the demonic legions of Hell. And we all just figured it was a no-brainer, which side would come out on top. But we were wrong.

Journal of Alisha Grace-
Every time I go to the window, I smell only blood, fire, and brimstone. It happened so quickly that no one had time to react: portals forged from demonic magic opened all over the world, and pouring through them were agents of macabre death, tidal waves of destruction the likes of which we had never seen. The sky filled with beautiful, white-winged creatures full of deadly grace and determined precision, intent upon stopping the demon armies. The final war had been brought to our very doorstep.

My Review

These are the kind of Seraphim I want to read about! I don't know where to begin on this book without making my review too long!

In most books I find myself really only caring about one or two characters. Bazaar did an amazing job, he is madly descriptive and all of his characters stick out. In, The Fallen, I found myself looking forward to reading more on all of the major characters and even some of the smaller ones, each had their own story. It's hard to find a book where you are interested in everyone, this style reminds me a lot of George R.R. Martin.

One downside, I wanted to know more about the them. Bazaar could probably write a book for each of his main characters. Did I already mention, I love the characters? With that said, I wish there would have been more dialogue or more background info. I wanted to know more about the relationships. Especially, when it came to Rai, Krillion, Valafor, Kobal, Alisha, I could go on. Perhaps we will learn more in the next book.

Bazaar can orchestrate a battle effortlessly. A number of times I caught myself asking, "Is this really his first book?" Details of the war and strategies and techniques the fighters use, his talent at portraying these scenes really blew my mind. Again, very reminiscent of George R.R. Martin.
I recommend this book to anyone who is tired of the mushy mush, to anyone who is ready to go on a seriously hellish joyride!

Interview with the Author

Lost in Thought: Thank you so much for doing this interview with me! Is this your first book?

Sean Bazaar: Yes it is. Sorry to hear your back in the hospital again.

LIT: No worries! I am trying not to let my sickle cell get in the way. I am not going to let it stop me for now. This is the first time I'm trying to work through it, we shall see how it goes. But anyway, back to you!
Did you always want to be a writer? When did you realize you had talent?

SB: I never once in my life believed I would ever be a writer! I just had an idea and did my best to put it to paper. The first inkling I got that I was onto something was in Iraq. My platoon kept telling me how awesome the story I was writing was.

LIT: That is amazing and so mind boggling because your book is wild! You sir, are a talented writer and story teller. Do you have a favorite character?

SB: The characters are incredibly fantastic in their own unique ways, it's hard to name one as my favorite.

LIT: I had a hard time choosing my favorite. Ahhhh, who am I kidding?! Rai was my favorite from the get to! Kobal and Valafor tie for second. You did a magnificent job creating such an amazing array of colorful characters.
Your book has a number of Archangels, did you have to do research for your book?

SB: I researched the angels and demons and took the ones I liked, which is why the main demons aren't the normal ones most people have heard of. Along with that is a fairly large cast of created angels and demons which take center stage of the book and story.

LIT: Ok so, the next question is gonna get real. If you don't want to answer I understand.

SB: Hit me!

LIT: You do an amazing job describing Hell and torture and you paint the pictures so morbidly perfect. The scene where the angels were tortured and had their wings burned in front of the yet to be tortured. WOW! And the psychology behind Mullin and the Mages, and how through this specific method they got the desired effect among the prisoners. This reads like you are a psyc. major or you know war all too well. Is it fair to say war equals Hell?

SB: Absolutely, there is no victor in war. To see first hand the damage and chaotic devastation done to people and the environment can have a decisive impact on ones own mind.

LIT: Do you believe in Heaven and Hell?

SB: Hahaha, that's a tough one. In order to believe in both, one would have to believe in all the tag along items and that opens up a massive theology debate. But I guess I would say yes.

LIT: I dig it. Is there another book in the works?

SB: Yes, book two, Dark Decimation will be released this year.

LIT: Sweet Beans! Oh and one last question, if your book is ever made into a movie can Vin Diesel play Valafor?

SB: I'm thinking Ron Pearlman. Hahahaha

LIT: Awww, ok. (went to check who that is) OH HELL YES!! Hahahaha! That is a perfect fit!

SB: Here's a promise, Dark Decimation is going to make the first look like a kid's book.

LIT: YES! Well then I can't wait! For the second book and for the movie! It's been great talking with you. Thanks for writing such a great book and I wish you nothing but success and more success in all your endeavors!

SB: Thank you for doing this interview. Anytime you have more questions on anything feel free to ask.

Last Thoughts

Go out and get the book already!

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Unforgivable II by James Fuller

Unforgivable II  by James Fuller


Half a lifetime of running comes to a dead stop when Sofia stands as the last of her line. Her father and her innocence lie cold in the ground as she embarks on a crusade of treason, blood and justice.
Haunted by her dreams, Sofia inherits more than her father's thirst for vengeance with the discovery of a miraculous herb among his possessions. However, she finds the peace offered by the infamous root comes at a crippling cost: an addiction that leaves her owing more than life is worth in the kingdom of Faer-Tri.
Indebted to gypsies, she enters a war in the capital city of Delmar where every shadow promises death by friend or foe alike. In the chaos, Sofia fights to separate reality form fantasy while only one thing remains certain...she will not rest until the king lies dead at her feet...

My Review

Unforgivable II is a powerful story soaked with the blood only a trail of merciless revenge could leave behind. It's written in a manner where it can be read in order and fill the wake of its predecessor, Unforgivable, or stand alone making waves of its own. With that said, I enjoyed the first book and recommend you do read them in the order they were meant to be read. 
There were times in this book when I caught myself saying, "Just one more chapter, just give me a little bit more." There was so much going on that I found myself wanting to stem away from Sophia's revenge story and learn more about her past, the war or the gypsies. However, I understand why Fuller chose to write Sopia's tale fast and lean just like her fathers story. 
Once again, Fuller did a magnificent job in depicting the beast that is revenge. He shows how it can consume and twist and fog the mind. 
I wanted so badly wanted to fully venture down the rabbit hole with Sophia but even though that journey was not in the forefront of the book, the surprises Fuller gave were still elaborate and fantastically gruesome. 
One thing I absolutely love about this sequel, Fuller never lets Sophia slip out of character. Not for anything or anyone. She uses her surroundings to reach her goal and in the end she and we, the reader realize what she has become.

Interview with the author

Lost in thought: I was really excited going into book 2 because the first one was amazing and this time it's a woman out for revenge. I was eager to see how you would portray her. What I found so amazing is that Sophia's killing style is like her father's; brutal, quick and calculated. Yet it's also essentially a style of her own, fresh, fast and focused. I don't believe that between the two characters you killed anyone the same way twice!  You managed to do it again! 

James Fuller: And I hope to do it a third time. The thing you have to remember about Sophia is that she grew up on the run with her father, watching him, learning from him, seeing that hesitation meant failure and death. Jamus acted on a primal instinct of focus to keep them alive. It's only natural that that would be passed down, except with slight differences.

LIT: A third time, I heard about that but I wasn't sure if it was just a thought or a plan. That's pretty awesome! 

JF: As a few months ago I released knowledge that there will be an Unforgivable 3.

LIT: I'm excited but who will be exacting revenge this time? Any crumbs for a teaser or must I/we wait?

JF: Unforgivable 3 will actually take place in the 10 years between Chapters 13 and 14 of book 1. The years they spent on the run.  I will gladly give you the first chapter to post if you'd like.

LIT: Sounds sweet and I would gladly add a teaser! And might I add a "YEY!"? Interestingly enough I was missing that! When I started book two and Sophia was already a deadly assassin  I have to admit a little part of me was sad. I wanted to know how she got there. I am glad to see you working hard. If I recall correctly, you have started to write some erotica as well?

JF: Yes I have. I have written 2 so far and have a 3rd in the works, but they aren't your typical erotica's, they are darker (much like Unforgivable) the plots are deep and entrenched with action, desire and heart wrenching moments that will leave you breathless and eager.

LIT: Watch out! Hahaha Ok! 

JF: Until Death Do Us Part hit #1 in erotica's on Amazon for a short time this summer and was said to be one of the best paranormal erotica's of the summer!

LIT: WHAT!? That's awesome! Congratulations! You should have led with that! 

JF: Thanks

LIT: Well, sir, it was good chatting with you once again. See you back here for Unforgivable three?

JF: Gladly! Thanks

LIT: Thank you!

Last thoughts 

Again, Fuller would have went deeper into the war and the Kingdom, but then it wouldn't be a sequel but a completely different novel. I deeply appreciate that Fuller does manage to keep it about Sophia.  He keeps the people and emotions believable   She acts exactly like a person driven by revenge would act. No time for anything else. 

Other Publications

Fall of a King: The False Prince
Fall of a King: Brothers of Blood
Unforgivable II
Broken Shards of a Masterpiece
Luxuria (erotica)
Until Death Do Us Part -(erotica) Hit #1 on this summers Amazon charts
Congrats again! 

You can find these works at Amazon available for kindle and paperback 

As promised Sneak Peek of Unforgivable III

Unforgivable III
The Lost Years

Chapter 1
Sins of Necessity

                The night was cold and bitter, the sting of winters breath unforgiving to those ill prepared to venture out into it. Gusts of angry biting wind threw the thick falling snow around in a bizarre dance of utter confusion. Most were snug in their beds, blanketed by the embrace of a burning hearth and thick down filled quilts, but a few were forced to endure the frozen wasteland having no place to call home anymore.
                Jamus tightened his grip, his fingers entrenching deeper within the thick, curly mats of hair. He lent more of his weight down harder, fighting against the desperate struggling beneath him. His exhausted muscles screamed at him to stop but he knew if he relented even for a moment his resolve would break.
                He looked over at the shivering rag bundled figure standing at the entrance of the alleyway. “Close your eyes honey,” he said through gritted teeth his voice full of raw affliction, “just look away.” He could see the whites of her eyes disappear as she squeezed them shut.
                Jamus pushed his victims face deeper into the freezing snow cutting off all chance of him finding another breath or releasing another muffled cry for help. Suffocating him until finally his movements slowed and stopped his body finally going limp. He held sure long after the man had cease to move not willing to risk any chance that the deed was unfinished.
                He stared down at the body a silent guilt riddled war waging deep within him before he rolled him over as looked upon the dead man’s face, something he forced himself to always do. He glared down at the man’s rough features, how many women had he beaten? How many had he raped? How many lives had he ruined with his wickedness? He couldn't anymore.
                Jamus’ guilt subsided as he began to search the man’s pockets and retrieved a small coin purse with a silver and four copper within. It wasn't much but it would buy them enough food to go on awhile longer. He pulled a silver ring from the man’s finger and pocketed it as well.
                “Papa, I hear someone.” Sofia shivered through the gusts of wind.

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Hypnos by Alexis Lewis

Hypnos by Alexis Lewis

Book Description

When college student Madison Tyler goes to sleep at night she doesn’t just dream, she unknowingly struggles with an unwanted talent…the ability to affect the minds of other sleepers. Slowly losing the normalcy of life at the expense of this gift she meets two brothers with their own dark secrets who could influence her fate.
Since they have experience in the strange new awareness she has fallen prey to, the attractive twins just might be the solution she needs. Identical in feature but not in form the brothers wage their own internal battles against things even more powerful than Madison’s talents which grow stronger and pull them closer everyday.
Troubled and dark, Chris must decide whether or not to help her despite a personal history that demands avoidance. Strong and kind, Keenan is determined to save them all from self-destruction before he loses both the brother he loves and this odd yet beautiful girl he feels driven to aid.
Hypnos is the tale of three people vying to find answers to the oldest of questions...What is the definition of good and evil, and how do we act upon our understanding in a world clouded by human relationships, emotion, and the necessity of self preservation? How often do our conscious endeavors reflect our unconscious will?

My Review

Let’s begin at the beginning, best authors forward ever! If there were an award for it Alexis Lewis would win hands down.  If you can read it and still put the book down, then you don't deserve to be a part of this ridiculously amazing adventure that emerges in the pages to follow! After reaching the 30% mark I simply couldn't put the book down anymore.
The idea of lucid dreaming is such an intriguing basis for writing a novel. I personally am a dreamer (and a have experienced lucid dreaming and hags) perhaps that helped me relate more to the story.  I do believe that even if someone doesn’t dream they would still find this book mysterious and captivating. The author takes it to so many different levels.  At times the book gets dark or hard but the author understands this and throws the reader a bone, by inserting some comic relief, giving the reader time to recuperate from the intense ideas and story line.
She seems to have perfect timing, the way all the scenes pan out, just seamless, effortless. This book and its author deserve every bit of the 5 stars.
If I had to say something critical, I think the vocabulary was over the top. That is the only fault I could find.  It’s one thing for the author to have this immense and beautifully variant vocabulary, but it is unrealistic that all of the characters have this impeccable vocabulary.  (I can understand that Madi and Chris might speak like that, but everyone…hard to believe)  But the book still gets every bit of the five stars, because the author manages to keep everyone in character regardless of their immaculate vernacular.
After reading this book I began to do some research and found some interesting blogs about lucid dreaming and the such. That’s how powerful Hypnos is, it makes you want to research more, learn more and that is a rare quality for a single book to have.
I think for me on a personal note this book was not just a pleasure to read but I became part of it. 

Interview with the author

Lost in Thought- Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with me, I know you're busy writing book 2, which I am anxiously awaiting!

Alexis Lewis- Thank you for doing a blog on me! I'm thrilled!

LIT- So, what inspired you to write about lucid dreaming? I am a huge dreamer and often know when I am dreaming. Do you dream too?

AL- I do. Lucid dream-luv it. I find it amazing that there isn't more info on dreaming from a researchable scientific point of view. It's an incredible psychological frontier that we've only begun to explore...

LIT- Yes, I agree. People are always saying,  “what did my dream mean?” and I look at it more like, “how much fun can I have!” I believe the brain itself is still a huge mystery. Did you have to do tons of research when you wrote this or are you writing more from experience?

AL- Many of my scenes are derived from experience, but I did have to do a lot of research when it came to terminology especially. My background with philosophy and psych 101 courses didn't hurt either. I tried to have fun with the story rather than let it be dominated by the context which is an easy trap to fall into.
The mystery of the human mind as you said, was my ally. It gave me room for poetic license. Lol

LIT- As you already know, I love-love your book! You did a great job, and I am under the impression that you balanced the theories and the story well. Seriously, great job! So, the 'hag', is that a technical term? I have experienced this on several occasions....and just for the readers can you explain the term in a sentence or two? And should I be worried? LOL..but seriously.

AL- First off-thank you so much. Thank you for reading it! It's what we authors live for-pleased fans. It was written for you and everyone like you.
'Hag' is a pseudo-technical term. It is the old moniker for what physicians call sleep-paralysis today. It connotes waking up with the inability to move one's body and is usually accompanied by a feeling of apprehension or weight on the upper torso. Scary stuff, I know. As for being worried...

LIT- I knew it! I'm doomed!  So, there is a book two underway. Can you tell us a little about it? Does it pick up right where book one left off?

AL- You're not doomed! Just one of the many who experience the inexplicable. Book 2 in the series, 'Syphon', is in the works, and it will begin right where Hypnos left off. I wasn't sure I was going to write another book to be quite honest, but my first try did well, and some of my friends complained that I definitely left the plot hanging. Can't be unfair to the readers!

LIT- Yea, well I think it could have went either way! I am glad, however, that the adventures will continue.

AL- Also, I want to explore the lighter side of things in the second novel, show the beauty of lucid dreaming rather than just its horrors. Happy, hopeful stuff you know?

LIT- Oh, yes, I think that would be cool to explore another side.
So, Madi is going to marry, who did you say?

AL- Hahaha-ahhh not sure I'll include a Meyer's -esque wedding. Who knows? Chris might actually sacrifice Mad's. Maybe her death will be the light at the end of the tunnel? Not sure yet really. Lol

LIT- AHHHH! Ok.... I vote no on the sacrifice! Hahaha... No worries... I'm sure whatever comes next will be absolutely amazing. Seriously, your book is one my all-time favs. A breath of fresh air! And if you have to sacrifice someone, that is just simply our duty as authors. I’m sure I will get over it!
Thanks, so much for taking the time to talk with me. Now get back to work!!

AL- Thank you!  Will do, and I'll try not to off anyone for your sake! Can't wait to read the blog! TY, TY, TY Jess!

LIT- No worries, my pleasure! Ciao and thanks again for your time!

Where to find Hypnos

Amazon Kindle-

Wanna follow Alexis Lewis

Book website-


Last Words

Alexis Lewis, deserves a freaking super-genius prize for crafting this amazing story. I think for me on a personal note, this book was not just a pleasure to read but I became part of it.  Hypnos is so intense that I began lucidly dreaming about lucid dreaming! True story!

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Legacy of Daddy

The Legacy of Daddy  by Angus H. Day

Book Description

What happens when a Graduate student competes for a PhD in a dystopian society by experimenting with dangerous alien technology? Does humankind need technological help to leave Earth? These and other questions are awkwardly dealt with in The Legacy of Daddy.

My Review

Legacy of Daddy is a true science fiction book. The first real sci-fi I have read since Ender’s Game. Angus Day is a master engineer who makes science and literature merge seamlessly, and apparently with an ease I envy.  Legacy of Daddy is an amazing journey, at times witty, heart breaking, at times heated and sexy, it was simply true to emotions we as humans feel throughout our tiny lifetimes.  You can discuss this book on so many levels, you can debate over ideas and ideals, or just simply kick back and enjoy the ride.  Angus Day challenges you, demands that you think outside of your magnificent brain and get your hands dirty. Politics, hierarchy, scheming, conspiracies, love, hate, revenge, secrets, it’s all here!
I usually don’t like books that span over years. One chapter ends and then the next starts five to ten years later. I feel like the authors that do this are just being lazy. I think that is because until now I have never really read any works that have mastered this art. However, when Angus Day does it, it’s a natural necessity. After all, Rome wasn't built in a day. The time jumps are very necessary and very well planned.  One thing I felt could have made it easier on the reader is perhaps a labeling on the chapters. Chapter names, for example;  Chapter 13- Sol 3022 or something like that. Not that it is needed but in the beginning there were a few moments where I was thrown off for a second before I realized that we were in the future. Once I realized that was the style of the author I didn't have that problem again.  That is the only negative point I have to make.
To bring an end to my review before it gets too long, I would recommend this book to anyone in the mood for a true scientific adventure to a world vastly different from ours, yet eerily similar.

Interview with the Author

Angus Day: Good morning Jessica.

Lost in Thought: Thank you so much for doing this interview with me.

AD: Glad to.

LIT: So, first off I wanted to congratulate you on writing a real Sci-Fi! It was an awesome and refreshing read. Was this your first book?

AD: Legacy of Daddy was my first novel. I have published three more in the Next You Universe and am working with a collaborator for the first time on book 5. I have at least 10 synopses for the Next You Universe so far.

LIT: Wow! That is exciting, it really will be a legacy! I love Legacy of Daddy, and I will surely be reading the other books pertaining to it.
The idea of Nanites fixing all of our problems isn't that far- fetched, I really liked how you developed the science over time. I usually don't like to read books with time jumps, but with yours it was spot on! It gave the science time to develop.
What made you think of writing about Nanites? You really seem to know what you’re talking about when it comes to the nano-tech.

AD: I did some work with nanoscale batteries and I make DNA/RNA based pharmaceutical ingredients for my paying job. I kind of fell in love with the Sci-Fi theme of nanotech by reading Ben Bova’s books.

LIT: What interests you most about this type of science?

AD: Where it is now and where it could possibly go. I really do not like to read or write near-term Sci-Fi. People start looking at you like some kind of seer or someone with insider knowledge. I do have another motivation for writing a future with Nano playing a large role.

LIT: That's yet another reason I like the book! I wasn't reading it going, 'nahhh, doesn't sound right!’
So, I can't honestly tell you who my favorite character is.  Horace is an interesting character. Is Horace a good guy or a bad guy? With all the conspiracy and him hijacking half the world, I couldn't figure it out!

AD: Horace is a good guy with some psychological issues. Everyone seems to glorify the idea of living for a really long time but I've not seen anyone address the potential for mental disease developing because of longevity. I think as we extend lifespans we will begin to experience new ailments.

LIT: That is an interesting discussion point. (One that I will have to save for a later date.) I sometimes couldn't tell if Horace was only trying to protect his own backside or if he cared about humans too and where the race was going.
I really liked that you kept humans human. We are a young race and very trigger happy.

AD: Horace started out caring about Horace. Humans were an opportunity. When or if you read Having Nice Things, you will find out more about why Horace was ready to shit himself when the Brimmers arrived.

LIT: Oh, I already understood that from Legacy of Daddy, the Brimmers were nobody to mess with! The way you wrote the book, if Horace was afraid of something, you knew it had to be a badass banana!  
Your work suggests that nanos will be playing a humongous role in our future. What are your thoughts on that?

AD: My other motivation for including nano is to guide the concept of resource usage. You can only build big so long before you run out of stuff or it becomes too expensive.

LIT: Which brings us to money, is nano-tech really that expensive? Aren't they supposed to someday be able to create themselves?

AD: Any ground breaking research is immensely expensive from the aspect that you have to have proof of concept then determine the most efficient manner to bring the concept to reality creating a lot of ways how not to do it in the process. Couple that with things that will be introduced into living beings and you can hit the expense with a factor of ten to come out at the bottom of the range. People get real picky about what they will consider ingesting or...having inserted...somewhere.
Self-assemblers are a sub area of nano tech. We have to get past proof of concept first.

LIT: Oh, very good point! I'm just like 'eh, they will make one and it will automatically work out!' Gesch, I have too much faith in scientists! That's why I'm an author! Haha
One more thing I loved about reading your work, it wasn't over descriptive, which is good in some books, but sometimes especially when it comes to future technology it's best to keep it simple and let the reader piece it together. You really did an amazing job, giving us exactly what we needed, no more no less, so thanks for that! Out of curiosity who was your favorite character, if you have one?

AD: In that book it's a tie with Horace, Basil and Robert.

LIT: I had a feeling you were going to say that! So, it sounds like you have an amazing job, well two, scientist and author. Just a bounos question, if you had to choose which profession would you devote yourself to.

AD: Really, I have to choose, scientist or author?

LIT: Yes, if you had to choose, which one would you choose?

AD: I would choose scientist and keep writing as the therapy it is for me. This is my creative outlet. Everyone needs one for their balance.

LIT: Hmmmmmm, ok that's a solid answer... But I am going to press on, if you really had to choose, would it be mad scientist or uninspired author. Hahahaha!

AD:(I see your bullshit and raise another) I would skew your view and go with insane scientist with a happy disposition. Mildly creepy. (Always clawing to get out of the box)

LIT:  Hahahahaha! Seriously laughing out loud! What a great start to my morning!  It has been my pleasure chatting with you. I hope to do this again sometime. So for the readers the next book in the series is....?

AD: Next You Interstellar LLC
LIT: Next You Interstellar LLC is already on my reading list, well somewhere closer to the bottom though.  But who knows, I sometimes cheat and move books up, so we might be hearing from one another soon enough! Well, it is now time to officially end this interview. Thank you so very much for taking the time to work with me, I am looking forward to doing this all again once I read your next work. Till then, stay cool! Ciao!

Where to find Legacy of Daddy

Amazon Kindle


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They can all be found on Amazon or Smashwords

Next You Interstellar LLC
Having Nice Things
Utopian Estates 

Last Words 

I loved the conspiracy, Big Brother, aspect to the book. Often times I was reminded of 1984 by George Orwell. I see people looking back on this book in 60 years asking, “How did he know?”
I am looking forward to reading the other works in this series. 

Last Last Words 

This would make a great graphic novel or even television series!  Watch out for Angus Day, I see him and his vision taking over the world sometime in the near future, and I am glad to be part of something so special from the start!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Long Lost Song

Long Lost Song  by Stephen Ormsby

Book Description

A virus is decimating America today and Michael Decker is the culprit. Or is he?
Is it the work of a curse recorded into a song by 1930's blues musician Ricky Jensen?
Long Lost Song tells the story of Ricky and Michael as they battle their personal and real demons while the world reaches end times of biblical proportions.
One question remains. How do you stop a devil of a song made to break a crossroads deal?

My Review

     Where to begin?  The Long Lost Song by Stephen Ormsby was only 242 pages, and yet the author made it seem like it was much longer. There was so much going on in the pages that not a word was lost or added for cushion.  And I love that!
     From the get go the author sets an ominous picture. A young man, Ricky Jensen, on his way to the cross-roads to make a deal with the Black Man.  A deal to sell his soul to the Devil for the talent to play his guitar like no other man alive.  Then we are off to Australia, on the other side of the earth, meeting Michael, who we find in turmoil.  Michael is a middle aged man trying to find himself through meditation. He is distraught at how little success he is having, and completely and utterly unaware of the shit-storm that is about to fall in his lap. (Some would call it destiny) At first read, one wonders, besides the man selling his soul to the Devil, where’s the horror? But it comes and it comes swiftly.
     Our ‘social’ world that we live in makes it possible for one song or video on YouTube to be shared millions of times within one month.  Here is a shocking example of the power the social media has and the shocking rate at which it, we, can ‘share’ a music video. The particular video I searched originates from South Korea and for whatever reason gained immense popularity all over the world, Gangnam Style by PSY.  It was released 4 months ago and as of the moment I copied and pasted this from YouTube, the video had 911,511,020 views!  And ladies and gentlemen this was only one of the dozens upon dozens of videos and spoofs that share this particular tune. Imagine now that the Devil himself has found a way to touch you and your children through the listening of a song. An infected song that has the power to turn you into a slave, a drone that does the Devil’s bidding.
     The Devil himself has managed to harness the power of music.
     That is where the horror begins to creep into the crevices of the brain.  It’s frightening because everyone has a song that moves them and can make them happy, sad, or nostalgic. Music itself is very powerful, not to mention a primal part of human nature. Where would we be without music? Without any music?  Without the ability to hum, whistle or drum? Just take a second to soak that thought in.  More than likely you can’t, because while you sit in silence your heart is drumming away inside your body making a beat of its own. That’s what makes this book so absolutely terrifying.
     There is only one man, who with the help of his love, has the strength and courage to stand up to the Black Man and maybe put an end to the destruction and mayhem that the world is swiftly becoming and save whatever innocence is left.  But at what cost? Read and find out.

Interview with the Author

Lost in Thought: There are so many things I want to touch on, but first I would like to thank you for giving me the time and honor to interview you!

Stephen Ormsby: Thanks for having me.  It's great sharing my work with others but more importantly it's incredible meeting so many great people.

LIT: I agree, but enough of the chit-chat let's get to business! The Devil using our technology against us, remarkable idea! I mean freakin’ glorious!

SO: Thanks.  I had the idea for LLS (Long Lost Song) for many years, but never had the catch for it.  It was as if the technology needed to catch up with me. I mean downloading was not really a thing 15 years ago.

LIT: I think that it is very interesting that you used the song as a weapon.

SO: The idea of the song fitted with Ricky.  It was one of those things that stayed with me and why the idea never went away.  What would happen if you could get out of a crossroads deal as a musician?  What could you offer?  The obvious answer was always a song.

LIT: Was there any prior research you had to do?

SO: I had to look at downloading for purposes of the book and understand why it becomes such an addictive thing to do.  So easy, to find so much, so quickly.

LIT: Quick question, I just find this interesting so I feel the need to ask. I have heard about militaries wanting to use sound guns, that once fired make you nauseated, immediately.  So, it is plausible that some sound waves could make one a drone as well, it’s not that far-fetched  Did you do any research on noise as a weapon?

SO: Funnily enough, I didn't, but have always understood the impact of noise on me, whether it be music to drown out my mood or to drown out other people.

LIT: Music really is a powerful tool but that isn't all your book is about.  I had to limit myself in the review or I might not have ever stopped!  I found your leading character, Michael, very interesting.  He is a dirty hero.   Or better said a human hero.  Is there a reason you chose a more tarnished character as opposed to a preacher or strong man of God?

SO: I always saw Michael as an anti-hero really.  A man dragged through this shit because other people had designs on him.  He was forcibly wasting himself away.  There was something about that and how Ricky went through the same thing that appealed to me.  Both men lost the music within them.
It is only when he has to stand up that he does.  Many people go through life this way, only taking chances when it is forced upon them.  That's Michael.

LIT: You know who I thought was an interesting character and I wish would have gotten more play?

SO: Please tell.

LIT: The preacher of the ‘freaks’. I thought that whole group could have been actually a book of its own.

SO: Brother Paul?

LIT: Yes, sorry, Brother Paul! 
SO: Another man with a second chance at life - who was not in the final write of the 1st draft.  In fact, a lot of the ending was not in the 1st draft.

LIT: I thought the whole idea of the freaks having immunity.  The ones not hooked into the grid, was also very ingenious.

SO: The freaks?  You mean the normal people, really.  They are the ones that had not given themselves to all the false gods we surround ourselves in.  I like the idea that people have not been consumed by consumerism and that was can live a more simple life.  I like to think that I do now.  I listen to music that moves me.  I buy things only when I need to.  I cook food for the family.  All because I can.  I know money is necessary but I do not get consumed by the fact that I need to chase it.  I'd like to think that I would be unaffected by the song for these reasons.  Does that make me a freak?

LIT: Yea, you are definitely a freak, but so am I, so I guess we are in good company!

SO: See, being a freak is not that hard.  It is better than being a sheep and lost to the god of money.

LIT: I agree. Your book made me think a lot about people in general. A lot of us are already drones, buying into trends just to fit in, afraid to be the 'freak, the outsider'.  A lot of the people that became drones in your book were already dispossed anyway.  And I truly hope that people read your book and realize that it is a horror story, but also an inspiration to become a better person.

SO: So do I, really.  So much of the world is lost.  Lost to finding that next job, the next car, that next expensive item that they do not really need.  I would love people to think, just for a second, hey who am I in all of this? Do I even know that anymore?  I know who I am, and writing this book helped me find that.  It is a horror story if you are the ones that would be first in line to be swallowed up by it.  If you think you are different and do not fall into the normal trappings of a monetary life, then you just may survive.

LIT: Well, I am not 100% I wouldn't be a little bit affected...

SO: Now, a couple of things from me. I am not a Christian and I do not want to be seen as a bible basher.  A lot of the end of the book just came about from where the story was going.  I wanted to show how easy it would be for the world to collapse and the bible has shown that there is a history of it happening.  That is what I wanted to tap into.  The fall of Babylon does not need to mean a physical city, it could be something as simple as the internet, which has completely taken over our lives.  I will admit to being that way.  As an author, I feel we need to be.  If it collapsed, I would notice it as much as the heaviest user of it.  That scares me.   Here I am thinking that I am a freak, but still so hooked into everything.  It could disappear just like that.  Where would we be the day after?

LIT: You make an excellent point and an amazing analogy. Where would we be without the internet, the tower that has brought the whole world together, all speaking in the same tongue of 1’s and 0’s?  It’s a scary thought.  And after reading your book you are forced to ponder over these insanely scary things. Music, internet, it’s all at our finger tips but what if it was all gone tomorrow? That would be a sad, scary world to live in.

LIT: There was just one more thing I wanted to discuss I know I am going into overtime with this one, but I felt like there should have been more of a love story between Michael and Roberta.

SO: I wanted the love between them to feel heightened by the world collapsing. A grab on to the one nearest you sort of thing.

LIT: No it was, but I wanted just a little more. I understood it was the end of the world and love at first sight? Do you believe in love at first sight?

SO: The love was based on someone I will admit. Someone I fell for at first sight.
Ok, imagine this. My life was a mess. I had separated from my first wife who hated me writing. Then this woman came along and when she asked what I did (which was computers) she said no, what do you really do?  I said write. I was in love from that moment.
She TOLD me I needed to publish LLS. She felt as though it could happen any time i.e. being infected by the song

LIT: That’s awesome! It's so hard to find someone who supports what we do.   You caught a good one!

SO: I did indeed!

LIT: That is very rare so be grateful!

SO: I am. For her and for great friends.

LIT: Me too! Always be thankful for great company! Thank you so much for your time, and whatever novel you release next I will surely read, you have a fan in me!

 Where to find the Long Lost Song


Amazon Kindle:

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Last Words

     If I had to rate the book, I would give it 4 stars. There are some typos and I really wanted more from Brother Paul and Roberta, so that is why I personally cannot give 5 stars.  I have also read the shorts and I do recommend you read them if you like this author's work.  I really had a great time doing this blog and interview and I feel like this is the best one yet!  Also, little known fact, Stephen Ormsby’s wife created the cover of his book.  That’s just awesome!